Building STEPcode


Required packages

  • cmake >= v2.8.7

  • As of v0.7, the following are no longer used:

    • bison
    • flex

How to build

cd sc mkdir build cd build cmake .. # '..' is the path to the directory containing the top-level CMakeLists.txt make

Configuration options (append to the ‘cmake ..’ line):

  • -DSC_BUILD_SCHEMAS=”path/to/schema.exp;path/to/schema2.exp
    • For each schema listed, this
      • generates c++
      • compiles it into a library
      • builds a ‘p21read’ program (see below)
    • Will also work with directories, as long as each directory has a single express file. Multiple files/directories are separated by semicolons.
  • -DSC_BUILD_TYPE=[Debug|Release|RelWithDebInfo|MinSizeRel]
    • default is a Debug build
    • Release turns on optimizations and strips out debugging information
    • see also: cmake documentation for CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
  • The above options can be used from the CMake GUI as well - just look through the list of variables.

See Also: CMake variables

Create c++ for a schema manually:

mkdir build/schema_name cd build/schema_name ../bin/exp2cxx path/to/schema.exp

More details

For a walkthrough of the build process, see Build Process

For a description of the contents of the build/ dir, see Build Dir

More options are available - see Executables, and read comments in the various CMakeLists.txt files.