See also: Build Dir

These executables reside within build/bin/.


usage: exp2cxx common_options [-s|-S] [-a|-A] [-c|-C] [-L] express_file where -s or -S uses only single inheritance in the generated C++ classes -a or -A generates the early bound access functions for entity classes the old way (without an underscore) -c or -C generates C++ classes for use with CORBA (Orbix) -L prints logging code in the generated C++ classes


usage: exp2python common_options express_file


usage: exppp common_options [-l _length_] [-c] [-o [file|--]] express_file -l specifies line length hint for output -t enable tail comment for declarations - i.e. END_TYPE; -- axis2_placement -c for constants, print one item per line (YMMV!) -o specifies the name of the output file (-- for stdout)


  • Parses the express and checks for errors. Formerly fedex
  • The functionality of exp2cxx/exp2python is a superset of this.
  • See also - libexpress common options

usage: check-express common_options express_file


  • reads one step file and writes the contents to another
  • It may change whitespace or remove comments; otherwise, the input and output files are supposed to be identical. If they are not identical, either the file does not match the schema, or there is a bug in SC.
  • TODO document args


  • lazy loading test executable for SCHEMA
  • Prints time and memory statistics for various stages including file scanning. Loads a few instances, then exits.
  • TODO document args

libexpress common options

Executables linked with libexpress share some common options, though they don’t all make sense for every executable.

usage: _executable_ [-v] [-d #] [-n] [-p _object_type_] [-w|-i _warning_]

-v produces a version description -d turns on debugging ("-d 0" describes this further -n do not pause for internal errors (useful with delta script) -p turns on printing when processing certain objects (see below) -w warning enable -i warning ignore

warning is one of

none all circular_subtype circular_select entity_as_type invariant_condition invalid_case unnecessary_qualifiers downcast indexing unsupported limits

object_type is one or more of

e entity p procedure r rule f function t type s schema or file # pass # E everything (all of the above)

Version description will be similar to Build info for build/bin/exp2cxx: git commit id: v0.8-116-g35170b3, build timestamp 05 Jul 2015 22:14 http://github.com/stepcode/stepcode and scl-dev on google groups