Download STEPcode

Install git

Windows users: msysgit is known to work. The app referenced in GitHub Bootcamp (link below) should work as well.

For OSX, see GitHub Bootcamp

For Linux, install git through your package manager.

Alternately (not recommended): download an archive of the latest code with no revision history by clicking here.

Install CMake

Linux users, install cmake via your package manager. For OSX and Windows, download from

Lexer and parser?

v0.7 and later do not use flex or bison. Generated lexer/parser code is included. If changes to that code are necessary, you will need Baffled Citrus - perplex, lemon, and re2c.

Clone the repository

From the command prompt: git clone git:// Git will create a directory stepcode and clone the repository there. Once done, the latest revision will be checked out. You will be able to view revision logs, switch branches, etc - see Git Basics