How to use STEPcode in an application

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CMake Integration

  • SC_SDAI_ADDITIONAL_EXES_SRCS can be used to have SC build single-file executables (similar to p21read)
    • this will not work for applications with more than one source code file or that need to link other libs.

See also: STEPcode CMake variables

C++ examples

C++ applications that are not in the GitHub repository

The BRL-CAD step-g converter, documented here (Note - currently, the BRL-CAD version of STEPcode differs slightly from the version on GitHub)

Laurent Bauer's SCView



  • describe use of lazy loading code
  • create a page with a small Part 21 file, with description of format and links to relevant classes - SDAI_Application_instance, STEPcomplex, generated code (?)
  • run doxygen on parts of STEPcode (libexpress + exppp + fedex_plus, fedex_python, cllazyfile, cleditor, clstepcore + cldai + clutils + base ) and automate doxygen with a script

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