List of OSS or free STEP programs

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Express Schemas

SC4 Express Archive - for STEP AP schemas that are International Standards (IS)

STEPmod on Sourceforge - for versions of modular STEP AP schemas that are in development

CAX-IF Schemas, Recommended Practices, and Test Rounds - for AP203, AP214, and AP242

Software used in SCL development

Express Engine - used by SCL to validate models with schemas. Old website is here

Other Free Software for STEP

IDA-STEP Viewer - free downloadable STEP file viewer

Jen-X p28 schema generator and p21-p28 mediators - for shipbuilding STEP AP's

STEP Tools - free on-line EXPRESS schema checker


Express for Free, also here



OntoSTEP Protégé plugin

SEBNF2Pars - Creates Part 21 parsers from an EBNF representation

lgtstep - a Logtalk STEP implementation

Scripting Applications for STEP Part 21 files - uses Prolog